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supervisor_account meshcloud GmbH
language Remote
room Frankfurt, Germany
stars Intermediate
euro_symbol 50-100K
Spring Boot

Fullstack Engineer (all genders) at meshcloud GmbH



  • Significant experience in Kotlin or Java and their standard libraries
  • Well-versed in the development of web applications and REST APIs (HTTP)
  • Strong skills working with relational (SQL) or document databases (RavenDB, MongoDB)
  • Practical knowledge using version control (git), CI/CD tools, issue trackers and working with agile methods


  • Experience in other programming languages, frameworks and technologies
  • Experience in working with Kubernetes, OpenShift, OpenStack or Cloud Foundry
  • Experience with "cloud native" tools like Docker, Prometheus, Grafana, Helm, Terraform or Ansible
  • Experience with public cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP)Experience with distributed database systems such as Elasticsearch, Redis, MongoDB or RavenDB
  • Contributions to open source projects and/or programming communities such as Stackoverflow

Scope of Work

As a Software Engineer at meshcloud you design and implement a product that empowers humans to build a better future on the cloud. We hope you're good at keeping first names: When designing and implementing ok bet casino features as part of a cross-functional team, you'll be working directly with the users (also engineers) that you're making a difference for. You find solutions to interesting engineering challenges and validate them by shipping continuously. As a member of our engineering flock you take pride in your work results and own the processes and practices that help us build and ship outstanding products.

  • With a keen eye for software architecture you design and implement software systems that make up our product
  • Guide the solution design and implementation of product features as an expert for a functional or technical cross-section of our product
  • Lead cross-functional collaboration in Customer Result Teams and interact directly with the users of our product to discover and define requirements
  • Maintain the technical performance of our products and services by incorporating non-functional requirements at every stage of the software development lifecycle
  • Actively initiate knowledge exchange with colleagues and contribute own ideas and impulses in a meaningful way


  • We support your personal and professional development! During your first six weeks with us, we will work with you to create a development and training plan tailored to your needs.
  • Training budget of 3.000€ per year
  • Many free snacks & drinks in our office in Frankfurt (dogs also welcome) 
  • Mobile working within Germany possible, after onboarding option to World Office (+ support if you want to permanently move to another country)
  • Regular live team events and weekly virtual coffee dates
  • Work in small, self-organized teams with clear goals
  • Freedom and the possibility to make independent decisions are a matter of course for us, of course you can still expect teamwork and mutual support
  • For all bookworms: Access to over a hundred books in our meshBib on topics such as coding, leadership, personal development, etc.
  • On top: 1800€ tax-free budget per year, which can be used for lunch, gym, internet and mobility.

Important note: The position is open for Junior to Senior/Lead candidates, hence the wide salary range. We are happy to discuss the salary for each level transparently upon the first call/interview. 

About meshcloud GmbH

Join our team and help us accelerate the digital transformation of the Global 2000 companies. How we do it? With our Cloud Foundation platform, a unique solution on the market today.

Almost all larger enterprises will face the challenge of mastering their cloud governance in the next few years, or they are already in the midst of it. A Cloud Foundation is an organizational approach to mastering the Cloud Journey. Our platform provides software development teams with everything they need to successfully develop cloud-native applications.

However, the solution offers much more than just cloud services, as it also covers organizational issues such as IAM and cost management. The "Cloud Foundation Team" integrates all these functions through a unified control plane. This approach relieves our customers' more than a thousand users of organizational tasks and frees them to focus on software delivery.
Our common goal: Every large organization in this world should know what Cloud Foundation Platforms are and why they need one.