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supervisor_account epilot GmbH
language Remote
room Cologne, Germany
stars Senior
euro_symbol 60-90K
Cloud (AWS/Google/Azure)

Cloud / DevOps Engineer (m/f/d) at epilot GmbH


  • You have experience in software development (Python, Go or Javascript) and CI/CD .
  • You have a proven track record of building scalable, secure and resilient software on AWS and other cloud platforms.
  • You are familiar with management and automation of infrastructure and are an expert in at least some of these tools: AWS CDK, Terraform, CloudFormation, Pulumi
  • You have a very high capacity for abstraction, a sound algorithmic understanding and affinity for working with data.
  • You have a Do-It mentality.
  • You make quick, smart decisions and weigh the risk intelligently.
  • You are a TEAM player, motivating and inspiring your colleagues.

Scope of Work

  • You’ll get familiar with our tech stack with microfrontends, serverless AWS and best-in-class developer tooling & automation. More info about our stack:
  • You’ll work with our product teams to help them build effectively on our developer platform built on serverless AWS
  • Utilise a data-driven approach to monitoring and observability to optimize the overall performance and stability of our product
  • Build and improve our customer-facing APIs and SDK with focus on great developer experience
  • Write RFCs and tools to help improve and automate our teams’ engineering workflow and operations
  • You will not only help us to put our product vision into practice, but you will also play an active role in shaping it


  • The opportunity to help growing a successful SaaS platform in the energy market.
  • Start-up mentality: dynamic atmosphere and great team spirit
  • A rapidly growing company with an open communication culture, motivated colleagues and an international corporate culture.
  • Exponential learning curve - epilot is growing rapidly and we expect the same from you. You never stand still, you are permanently challenged, you Fail Fast and Often.
  • A central location in the heart of Cologne with cool cafes around the corner (But of course full remote jobs are also available).
  • Performance is rewarded with us - We take your desired salary seriously and talk openly about it with you.
  • Transparency - We maintain a very flat and open culture, everything is visible and open for discussion.
  • Gym subscription for a gym nearby
  • JobRad bike leasing to do good for the enviroment and your health
  • Regular epilot summits @ our HQ in Cologne where all employees from around the world come together to have fun and catch up.
  • Relocation support - we handle the whole visa process for you if you want to relocate
  • Coffee, cold drinks, fruits and much appreciation.

About epilot GmbH

Are you ready to be a technology leader in the SaaS space? Join epilot!

epilot is building a SaaS product to sell complex products online, focusing first on solving ecommerce in the rapidly transforming energy market. Our mission: Make selling complex products as easy as selling a pair of shoes online.

As Software Engineer at epilot you will be a driving force in shaping this mission. What makes working as a Software Engineer at epilot so special? Our unique engineering culture is defined by a few core engineering principles:
Among others, you can expect freedom and responsibility because we hire smart people who we can trust. We operate by principles and expect our teams to cultivate a strategic mindset.

We believe in ownership: you build it, you run it. We subscribe to this core principle of the DevOps movement. There is no dedicated Ops team who you can pass on the responsibility to take your code and make sure it runs reliably and scales to customers’ needs.

You should always show, don’t tell: Deliver working software early and frequently. We believe in the basic Agile principle of “Release early and release often”. This approach helps us manage risk and make better decisions by creating fast feedback loops between ourselves and our users.

We design software API First. Before we write a single line of code, we design the APIs of a service in a way that any other team, whether internal to epilot or external, can use the APIs interface with our service without prior knowledge.

Does this sound like an environment you want to work in? Then you could bet the right person to be an engineer at epilot!

Check out our promise to you: