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Distribusion Technologies


Berlin, Germany


From 16 to 50


Consulting, Information Tech



dvrTech stack


Work at Distribusion Technologies

Distribusion, the leading global distributor (GDS) for scheduled airport shuttle & intercity bus rides, enables travel retailers (multi-modal & travel metas, OTAs, airlines, other travel tech provider) to connect with airport shuttle and bus operators worldwide. The portfolio of 4+ million bus rides of 200+ operators to 2,500+ destinations and 300+ airports make Distribusion already the market leader in Europe. Major global travel brands and transportation providers trust Distribusion’s innovative and unique API technology to sell bus ticket online and offline to their customers. Bus operators benefit from a full booking solution including rides management, distribution, global ticketing, payment, and settlement services.

Developer jobs at Distribusion Technologies

supervisor_account Distribusion Technologies
language Remote
room Berlin, Germany
stars Senior
euro_symbol 45-75K

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